A wheel change in 5 seconds? It's possible!

An ultimate bike wheel. 
The wheel of the future. 
Front and rear wheels are identical. 
No other system is faster and more cost-effective. 
Unmatched technology. 

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We developed a new and unique design for the bicycle wheel. A wheel change can be done in 5 seconds. 

This standard wheel can be used on all types of bikes. The brake and gears are not removed during a wheel replacement and must therefore never be adjusted. This also prevents from wear on the chain. All wheels are identical and fit on the front or rear.

 With the "NATRABIKE" frame and wheeldesign the gears and chain can be shielded  with a cover to prevent injury when a crash happens. 

For example: "In the race, one group of riders only needs one neutral car or motor with one type of wheel. Each rider of each team with a flat tire can be helped by a neutral car, teammate or helper along the road because all wheels are equal. This without losing precious seconds.

Bellow on the left you can see a video of how complicated it is to replace a rear wheel now. Many people are having trouble, with Natrabike wheels everyone can do it in a few seconds. 

Some prototypes were already made. This product is not yet on the market. We want to further develop this technology and make wheel replacements forever simpler and cheaper. Contact us by our contact page if you are interested.